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As an Austin native with a lifelong passion for art, Mirabai Design was created. Starting at a young age my parents surrounded me with culture and art as well as fueling my passion for travel. Classically trained by the beautiful Shela Mheta in Kahtak and studying all forms of dance from Flamenco, Swing, Jive, Modern Tango and so many more I became a Tribal belly dancer 8 years ago who performs professionally with the electronic music group Govinda. I have extensive experience in body painting, costume design, photo staging, window display, graphic design, fine art, make-up and exotic and elaborate hair design. I like to try and bring a stylized flair to the world of body painting with a focus on bringing out the unique personality in everyone I paint. With over a decade of portfolio work behind me, my new work Sirens has taken on the direction of bringing forth the inner Goddess in every woman. With an extensive background in Art History I draw my inspiration from Greek and Roman Mythology as well as astrology to bring my creations to life. These pieces are supposed to represent the strength and beauty of woman and the constant growth and change one strives for in life. My Siren’s series is dedicated to my loving mother whom I lost to breast cancer in September of 2011. It was her never-ending grace, battling such a destructive illness that inspired me to celebrate the strength in myself, and every woman I paint. 

Photographer: Jaime Ibarra  Model: Devin Willow  Bodypainter, H&M, Costuming and Staging: Mirabai Wagner

Published Work

Vessel By Sarah Beth durst

I have had the honor to work with the photographer Jaime Ibarra many times. Here we collaborated to create the cover for the book "Vessel" for the National best selling Author Sarah Beth Durst. I did the hair and make-up as well as the costume and the painted tattoos on her arms along with the staging and prop creating. It was a wonderful project and a beautiful outcome. 

Dark beauty magazine

I was recently given the honor of having an 8 page spread in the established and fantastic Dark Beauty Magazine. Along with my collaborators Devin Willow, my incredible model, and the wonderful Kurt Lawson, The Frost Princess Siren made it's debute into the world. You can see this series by,

Image of me dancing, taken by Jaime Ibarra