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Pricing for artwork 

stunning art work to bring your walls to life

Please contact me for pricing on artwork. All of my Sirens Series is available in High Quality Prints in various sizes, and framing is also abailable for an additional cost, also available are beautiful High Quality Canvas Prints which can be framed or unframed. Let these stunning images bring your walls to life. Personally signed to the buyer, by the artist. Let me help you find the perfect size to fit your budget! 

Pricing for Body Painting, Hair & Make-up


I try to bring a stylized flair to the world of body painting; with a focus on bringing out the unique personality in everyone I paint. It is my goal to provide an artistic experience unlike any other, allowing clients to express a side of themselves they may not have known existed. Call ahead for a free consultation to determine which package is right for you at 855-MIRABAI. I know times have been hard so I am always willing to try and work with my clients budgets. Book me for events and parties, too! I do however require a deposit of half up front to book the date and purchase supplies needed and then the final half of payment upon completion of the work. 

Day Rates for Make-up and Hair

​I charge $250 to $750 a day for make-up and hair on photo shoots and weddings depending on how many models I am working on or members in a wedding party. Also the complexity of the design and the amount of hours it will take can alter the price. If it ends up being more then 8 hours worth of work there can be additional costs. Please keep in mind I am always happy to work with my clients and their budgets so please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.  

Body Paint, Hair, Make-up

Perfect for creating an amazing Halloween, Carnaval or party costume

Timing can vary from complexity of design.

Face - average 30 – 45 minutes $75
Torso - average 30 minutes to 1 hour $100
Full Body Suit - average 1 – 2 hours $200
Latex, accessories, feathers and costuming priced separately

Book Mirabai Design for your next pre-party, costume night or group outing. I am happy to accommodate multiple individuals.

Half Body Design with Photography

$500 - $700 depending on complexity

20” x 30” high-resolution print with CD of 5-7 high-resolution edited images

This package comes complete with torso and face painting with hair and makeup. Professional photography will allow you to immortalize your look. Offered in your home or in a professional studio for maximum comfort. Give that special someone an exceptional gift, create a stunning photo for display, become something you’ve never expected or all of the above!

Full Body Design with Photography

$1000 - $2000 depending on complexity

20” x 30” high-resolution print with CD of 7-12 high-resolution edited images

This package includes full body painted. Complete with hair, makeup, custom costume and professional photography. These full-day sessions are a once in a lifetime experience with images that last forever. Offered in your home or in a professional studio for maximum comfort. Allow yourself to be transformed into a living, breathing canvas that is the realization of a dream. You can become something you’ve always wanted or allow me to design a custom look that combines the very best in paint, art and the human form.

Client Body Painting

​Images from the past few years of different clients being painted for Halloween, Carnaval, Photo shoots, Runway Shows, and Festivals. 

Photographer: Kurt Lswson   Model: Devin Willow   Bodypainter, H&M, Costuming and Staging: Mirabai Wagner