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Workshops: Coming Soon

Here you will be able to sign up for classes with Mirabai on body painting, dancing, sewing and costume design. 

I will soon be offering workshops on how to do hair and make-up for everyday and evening looks as well as special events and up-do's. I will also be offering styling and fashion advice at these workshops on how to combine colors and clothing to create the perfect look and to teach you ladies how to find the perfect things to compliment your body type. Until then you can check out my blog by clicking the "click here button" at the bottom of this paragraph. I will also be conducting classes on how to make simple costume pieces for those of you who want to start learning how to make your own pieces. Along with this I will be teaching Indian and Belly dance Goddess workshops to bring out that dancing Siren in you. And last but not least I will be conducting Airbrushing and Bodypainting classes for those of you who wish to learn more on the subject and to learn to be able to do quick and fun things for festivals and parties or more complex things for events live Carnaval and Halloween, or if you are a performer.  So stay tunned for a schedule that will be posted soon!

Body paint & Supply store: Coming Soon

Here you will be able to purchase body paint supplies, gems, bindi's, and many more accessories. 

This section of the store you will be able to purchase all types of accessories like gems and bindi's, high end wigs and extensions and the paints I use to create my work. I'll also be selling pre-made stencils as well a custom stencils, so if you have something in mind that you would like I can create one-of-a-kind stencils just for you. 

Costume store: Coming Soon

Here you will be able to purchase commissions costumes and pre-made costume pieces.

This store will contain pre-made costumes as well as headdresses for you to scroll through and find the perfect costume for that festival or show you are attending. Also custom work is available. I have been creating custom costumes for years now and love bringing my clients ideas to life. For that just e-mail or call me to get the ball rolling of you one-of-a-kind Mirabai costume. 

Art Store: Coming Soon

Here you will be able to purchase custom artwork and prints of the sirens collections.

High quality prints in all sizes will be available for purchase as well as canvas prints all signed by the artist with personal signings upon request. Commission pieces will also be available, if you are looking for a one of a kind piece of art work I have done custom art work for many clients over the years. Just send me an e-mail or feel free to call me to discuss owning a beautiful one of a kind Mirabai or a piece from the Siren's series. 

Photographer: Jiame Ibarra   Model: Devin Willow  Bodypainting, H&M, Costuming and Staging: Mirabai Wagner