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the Sirens story

The body of work that I am calling Sirens is a combination of all my personal work for the past few years, weather I realized it or not. I have researched, collected and built this series in my mind for longer then I can remember. And it is finally taking form.

The concept behind this project was to take an astrological constellation and combine it with a statue from antiquity then creating a living, breathing entity. To create an object of desire and envy, like that of the sirens from Greek mythology. These creatures were desired by men, lured and enticed, only to fall to they’re ultimate ruin and death. In this particular section of the series, as an artist, I strived to create a being of ultimate beauty. Something that, when you lay your eyes on it for the first time you either gasp, desire it or better yet, crave to have it, or crave to be it.

The entire series is heavily based in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, and Asian Mythology with added hits from the Victorian era, which has been an era that has heavily influenced my work. My use of multiple cultures inspires my notion that we are all connected, that we have all lived here on the earth and the heavens have witnessed it all.

In most of my work I try to create things of beauty, things that I myself personally strive to be. A being that is kind and eclectic, yet holds the mysterious quality.

Each piece not only represents a constellation, but the story behind it as well as a statue from antiquity. Combining these two things has helped me to create images from my dreams. I strive to bring my dreams to life. With such a wild imagination and with my personal interpretation of the each of the stories and how it affected me emotionally, I am able to bring these beings to life, capture it and then must watch it get washed away

With immense help from family and friends the Siren’s series has taken flight. The Siren series is inspired by my incredible mother to whom I lost to breast cancer in September of 2011. It was her never-ending grace battling such a painful illness that inspired me to show the strength and beauty that woman possess. The beauty of their form, their kind and loving hearts and the warmth they bring to this world. By creating this series I am able to celebrate her life through my art. 

Sirens Photo Gallery